Museo Etnografico

Via G. Verdi - 24020 Oneta
Tel: 035.707117
Fax: 035.708125


Opening times:
Sunday  14.00-16.00

Free of charge

Other days and times upon request.
Phone 035.707523

The Museum will be relocated to its new location which is Pinì House.

Historical Info

The Museum was set up thanks to Francesco Epis, who collected historic memories of the economy of the valley and its everyday life for over thirty years and later on donated them to Oneta in an attempt to keep the past alive.

Exhibition Criteria

Even though at the present time the Museum is in one room, a wider space will be soon provided.
On the left-hand side of the entrance, the following objects are worth a mention: old photos of some local personalities and episodes of local life. On the right is a collection of domestic sewing machines as well as the first television which was installed in Riso Valley.

A display cabinet contains some memoires from World War I, some cameras (the oldest dates back to 1880), minerals and fossils from Alben and from elsewhere.

A special corner is dedicated to the mines, represented through pictures and the reconstruction of a heading with trucks and tools. On the opposite side, a chimney, a big pot (still used during the village festivals) and objects for butter and cheese processing give an insight into how domestic life was in the past.

The hard life of the peasants, comprising farming, breeding and woodcutting, is illustrated through different kinds of tools; the valley woods and the carpenter tools complete a varied and interesting itinerary.

A small table gathers the shoemarker tools; in the central shelf, spinning and carding machines are evocative of the linen and hemp processing that used to take place in the valley.
The collection concludes with samples of nests and local fauna.

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