Museo del Mulino
Castione della presolana

Via S. Antonio, 1 - 24020 Castione della Presolana
Tel. 0346.60505

Opening times:
Every day but Tuesday and Wednesday.

Free of charge


Cenni storici

The ancient mill, located along the torrent that goes down the so-called "Mill Valley" (for the numerous watermills along that path), is a building from the 16th century, originally set up as a sawmill.
The mill worked until the 1960s, and then it was abandoned. However, at a later stage its current owner, who still takes care of its maintenance and who was passionate about object and mill-related objects as well as about farming, renovated it.

Criteri espositivi - Itinerario di visita

The upper floors of the Museum building host a restaurant, whose owners are always willing to guide the visitors through the Museum, whereas the Museum itself occupies the two floors below road level.
In the lower floor are perfectly-conserved gears (the most fatigued gears have got wood cogs so that they can be changed straight away), whose connection to a big external wheel guaranteed the functioning of all connected machines.
Among various objects and tools are a machine that butchers used to grind meats with and to produce sausages, a millstone working through some cone-shaped gears, a machine for the production of leather goods and some saddlery for horses.

On the upper floor are two grindstones, directly connected to underlying transmission shafts; one of the grindstones used to grind wheat, while the other used to grind maize.
On display are also some everyday life objects, such as a sewing machine from the 19th century, some containers for milk transportation, a cob gin, a carding machine, a bedwarmer (a""mònega"" in Bergamo dialect), a pair of
wood skis.
Other everyday objects also appear on the walls of the restaurant hall; they are meant to celebrate the simple and hard life of the mountain people and have now fallen into disuse.

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